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The world of cloud computing is transforming the economics and operations of Information Technology. Business Organizations today are leveraging the private cloud to increase efficiency, reduce complexity and enable flexibility while lowering operational costs. With private cloud computing, you can expect high levels of security, reliability, and performance. Our highly distributed platform delivers applications consistently while providing local control and security for your users wherever they are.

Our Cloud Offering:
  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • Compute, Storage and Network resources as a service
    • Users: Enterprise/End-user Admins, Consumers
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • Software middleware services and development and testing platforms as a service
    • Users: Software Developers

Our Cloud Deployment Categories Offering:
  1. Private Cloud
  2. A Cloud owned and operated by an enterprise (IT) for its internal users (departments, employees)

  3. Public Cloud
  4. A Cloud owned and operated by a Cloud Service Provider for general public (end-users/consumers, enterprises) use Services provided over WWW/Internet Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google AppEngine, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), A Cloud owned and operated by a Network SP for enterprise use Services provided over SP private MAN/WAN and VPN

  5. Hybrid Cloud
  6. A cloud infrastructure consisting of multiple clouds For example cloud bursting from a private to a public cloud

  7. Inter-Cloud
  8. Any of the above Cloud interoperating

  9. Pay-per-use utility pricing model
  10. Cloud customers are offered abstracted and virtualized resources
    Services or Resource CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) are on-demand with high service velocity
    Cloud Service Interfaces or API for on-demand services
    Elasticity: scale out, up or down at any scale
    Automated Flow-through provisioning or resource CRUD from service request to realization or provisioning in the infrastructure