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WAHOO is an ISP - Internet Service Provider and a MISP - Mobile Internet Service Provider, located at Badaro, Sami El solh Street, Haya 1657 Bldg- Beirut - Lebanon. WAHOO provides different type of technologies and internet services for different sectors, through its own local connectivity or through MIC1 and MIC2 infrastructure and by the license acquired for the 3G/4G - LTE, from the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunication, to reach the widest cell coverage on all the Lebanese's regions.

WAHOO also enables you to easily create manageable private and hybrid clouds, with new or existing cloud data center resources. With WAHOO, manage multiple private clouds in your data centers and link these with public clouds. Scale across them, back up or failover among them. Secure, configure, monitor, and operate all of them from one Dashboard and API.

WAHOO has invested in multimillion dollars platform to serve the best quality of service to its customers and be well recognized as a reference ISP for its infrastructure, quality and services delivery in the area.